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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mad Woman..

Sat 30th May 11:42am
Sent my 14yr old son to go to local Shopping centre to do some Iceland shopping, he was asked to hand over his mobile phone (he doesn't have 1) then because he was carrying empty shopping bags he was asked for money or he would get hurt.

Thankfully My Son gave him the Tenner that he had and the #$£* rode off on his bike, when my son returned home 5 mins later and told me I left my house in my crushed up skirt and greyish black t-shirt with NO BRA!! with a plan to beat the crap out of this person..........I did not find him. My Son is ok no injuries whatever and he does'nt want to take Karate or Judo lessons, but he will be taking the more crowed route to the shops in future..


  1. Exactly how I would react!
    You would KILL for your kids, wouldn't you?
    Brilliant blog, by the way.
    See you around,


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